Google’s new Android App Bundles will make apps radically smaller

As per the recent updated coming out from Google, its new App Bundle promise to makes app radically smaller. Android App Bundles is a new tool for the developers which makes the apps thoroughly smaller. The new format is said to shrink the file sizes to a great extent which makes the app more dynamic than it was before. With the help of App Bundle, developers at Google will be able to transform their own apps into instant apps.

Google's new Android App Bundles will make apps radically smaller

Google’s Stephanie Cuthbertson stated that “large download sizes are often an issue for users in developing countries, but elsewhere, too, users often balk at installing large apps. “Apps are targeting more countries than over, they have more features than ever,” It is now obvious that larger apps have fewer installs.

Talking about this new app availability, it is currently live in Android Studio 3.2 which will let the developers develop App Bundles with the app components including language, assets in various resolutions, etc. Now the Play Store itself analyzes each device prior giving it the right version of the app to download. However, the Play Store will only download the components of the bundle that the devices require. This whole process will be known as a ‘Dynamic delivery.’ The main work of this newly launched app is said to reduce the download size and installation size of an app.

“Talking about the other interesting feature of Android App bundle,” it can divide an app into separate components. This feature will let users add features an app after the installation. With the use of the Dynamic Delivery system, the Play Store will be able to provide the users with a set of app features.

Alongside Android App Bundle, Google also has its Instant App model which omits the installation process and offers apps on Android devices.  At I/O 2018, the Android maker opened the Instant App contributing to the game developers.

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