Webroot Survey :- Half of UK Organisations Have Fallen Prey to Ransomware Attacks

As per the recent survey conducted by Webroot, organizations need to be more alert and about the ransomware. It’s been now a year since WannaCry ransomware impacted and forced doctors to cancel thousands of operations around the country. The detections of the virus declined shortly after the attack. It is because the exploit leveraged re-emerged in high profile variants.

Half of UK Organisations Have Fallen Prey to Ransomware Attacks

As per the researcher’s reports at ESET, the exploit – dubbed EternalBlue – is now rearing its head again. The security firm’s telemetric data have suggested that the detections are soaring and surpassing the peaks linked to WannaCry and the later NotPetya strike. Take a note of some of the highlights of the researchers.

  • 45 percent of organizations surveyed have suffered a successful ransomware attack. In these attacks, the number now rises to 52 percent of organizations in the healthcare sector.
  • 14 percent of these organizations have fallen victim to ransomware. Multiple attacks hit over one in four (26 percent) of organizations.
  • When the infection spread, the IT department was the first entry point.
  • Organisations are pessimistic about ransomware.
  • Of those hit by ransomware, nearly a quarter (23 percent) actually paid the ransom.

Useful Tips for Businesses

Some of the useful tips for researchers have listed below.

Create reliable backups – To protect your organization from the ransomware attack, organizations should have a regular reliable backup process as it is critical to defeating ransomware. Backups need to be air-gapped.

Get patching – Make sure that you keep your operating systems and third-party software up to date.

Raise awareness – Organizations investing in Security Awareness Training with phishing simulation tools are less likely to suffer. Those who don’t invest in employee education will suffer most.

Protect all attack vectors – Deploy, test, monitor, Research, purchase, and maintain all security systems across all attack vectors.

Plan ahead – Organisations need to create detailed disaster recovery plans, conducting dry-run testing is highly recommendable.

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